When you don’t feel anything, it must be really fun to mess with somebody who feels a lot.


nobody’s red carpet entrance will ever outdo thisimage

Anyone else noticed Emily mouthing ‘kissed me’ as Shana was telling her what happened when Alison pulled her out of the barn? And then Emily having this sudden realization? Like this is the first time she registered that Alison actually kissed her?!  That it was real, that it was actually Alison  and that she wants to see her again? Ugh.


*steals ur girl* *mom finds out and makes me return her and apologize*

"For me, the connection that I feel is so strong that it’s so much stronger than physical. We’re both very protective of our love as well. We treat each other with a lot of care and we’re good to one another."

@ladygaga: And now it’s sleepy time, I’m meeting Asia in Dubai but I miss her so I dressed like a jazzy

best of hanna marin [9/?]

"Were you wishing you could taste her cherry chapstick?"

     ”There will be days where you feel all alone and that’s when hope is needed most. 

No matter how buried it gets or how lost you feel, you must  p r o m i s e   m e  that you will hold on to hope  […]  I know it feels like we’re saying goodbye but we will carry a piece of  e a c h  o t h e r  into everything we do next. To remind us of who we are.. and if we were  m e a n t   t o  b e. ”