6 years of Poker Face! (September 26, 2008)

  • me (surprised): omg
  • me (amused): omg
  • me (angry): omg
  • me (sad): omg
  • me (nostalgic): omg
  • me (annoyed): omg
  • me (scared): omg

get to know me meme
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i should nOT BE tuRNED ON BY THAT 

My family used to call me Pookie Bear. But all good things must come to an end.

Title: when someone asks what you did that summer
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do you ship troyler


we are a restaurant  

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Chord Overstreet photographed by Justin Campbell

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"A cockblock is a slang term for an intentional, or sometimes unintentional action that serves to prevent someone from having sexual intercourse with a partner.”