Lady Gaga singing Sexxx Dreams at Boujis Nightclub

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"ARTPOP is a journey inside my head throughout my various inspirations. It’s a list of all the things that excite me, a notebook in which I talk about everything I’ve been into lately, everything that influences me, where I write my craziest ideas. For ARTPOP, in a symbolic way, I’ve put myself in front of a mirror, I’ve taken off my clothes, then the makeup, then the wigs, I’ve dressed myself with a black jumpsuit and I’ve told myself: “Now, you have to prove you can be brilliant without all that”. This album required a lot of efforts, it was about going very deep inside my soul."

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@ladygaga I love my dad’s restaurant, and the guys that hangout there

Nostalgia is for geeks.

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que tal vir falar comigo no twitter? quero amiguinhos


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Gaga stretching before she hits the stage. 
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